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Custom zoom for Figma / FigJam embeds

Was wondering if it was possible to set the zoom for a particular embedded Figma / FigJam file? Like instead of showing all the elements in the embed, it zooms in to a particular section of the file?

In Figma files this is technically easier to manage, but in FigJam it’s a bit nuts, especially if you set aside some components / elements as future reference, but it’s technically Archived, and the actual flow or diagram you need is set up in a separate “area” of the whiteboard.

Personal use case for this is we set up our product process on FigJam, which was fine as it is. But when I needed to show the timeline of how we’ll be doing things, and placed a calendar element made in FigJam from the Community, suddenly the embed preview was super zoomed out (since it was trying to show all the elements, and the calendar was quite big compared to the actual process flow I put together).

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