Custom Values for Dev Mode Measure Tool


I really enjoy how snappy and easy to use is the new measure (Shift+M) tool in Dev mode.
However, I was unable to find a way how to annotate minimum and maximum width values there.

In my case pixels are not that important and my preferred units are CSS Grid fractions. It would be nice if the measurement tool would let overriding its original value, so I could emphasise what’s important, in my case:
width: 1fr.
min-width: 300px.

If there’s already a way to do that, I would love to hear that!

Example image attached:

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And even though the width is set to “hug” and the min-width is set, the measure tool doesn’t display it.

The closest solution I found, was using “Annotate” tool (Shift + T).
I was able to use the label value for the width number and min-width add as a property.
But it would be really nice to show these numbers in “measure” instead.

Hi @Domas_Markevicius1, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about measure tool!
I’ll make sure to share your ideas with our internal team. Also, thank you for finding out to use annotations as a workaround. I completely agree with that!

If you are curious, please check here: Add measurements and annotate designs in Dev Mode

And, please don’t forget to give your idea a vote-up!

Thank you,