Custom default values for canvas background

Hi there,

We are a team of a few designers ~10. After 2022’s Config event, we notice a change in the canvas’s default background color.

The new values that Figma use are:

  • Light mode: #F5F5F5
  • Dark mode: #1E1E1E

Both values are very close to our background page/screen token. That makes it hard to present designs to POs, as well when we are working with a bunch of screens.

Currently, we use a workaround - every designer slightly changes the background color. That works, but now every workfile has a slightly different background color :frowning: . Another downside is that when the designer uses dark mode, the canvas is not switching to the dark one.

The ideal solution for us will be if on the team level in the settings there are two fields for setting new default values for the canvas.


Yes, please!

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