Correct way to find out which component belongs which library

In my Figma design file, I have used multiple libraries.
Is there any plug-in or which is better way to identify used component belongs to which library?


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Hi Pankaj! As a workaround, you can check it by selecting directly the instance (used component here), and in the right panel, you should be able to see which library it comes from. (please see the screenshot below) Hope it helps!

Thanks for the response. This method is okay to work with few or single component.
Whereas my file containing in-between 500~800 instances and it’s not possible to check individually hence looking for another method or plugin which will scan the file and give the report or highlight the components which will be really helpful.

Thank you for the explanation. After checking with the team that works on library, I can confirm that we don’t have this option natively at the moment.
In the meantime, I’ve shared your idea to the team for consideration and I’ll go ahead to switch your topic as “Share an idea” so we can gauge the overall interest in the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure… Thanks for your reply. It’s a real pain and need to have smart solution.

Because in real scenario, I have created one library, say it v1.0 and after couple of months new components added, updated old components with new variations etc… and saved new library as a v2.0
While creating new design file and referring new library don’t have any issue.
But when working with old design files issue occurs, when I attached new v2.0 still I have v1.0 attached to it. Now both libraries are having same component names with few changes and it’s really difficult to identify components / instances on screen referring to which library.

So, if I have a plugin or any suitable option in Figma which will scan the file and generate the report and pointing towards which component / instance using which library and place to update or to have necessary action will be really helpful.

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hey @Pankaj_Bhagwat did you find a solution for this?

Nope… I don’t have any proper solution yet.

Came here with similar problem looking for a solution. It would definitely help with file hygiene if we were able to see library assets used in a given file, page, or even selection.

This is similar to the problem solved by the “Selection colors” list in that it helps user scan for out-of-place color styles/vars. The user can then swap out with old value with the new, or using the bullseye icon, can locate instances for further review. It would be useful if you could provide similar functionality, but for components…

You can kind of get there by using the Swap library action via the Assets modal, but that might not be ideal based on the state of the file you’re trying to clean up. In any case, it might be worth trying:

Essentially, you can view all the libraries your current file is pulling from. Some may be intentional, but others may have been linked inadvertently (e.g., copy and paste).

For each “rogue” library present, you can view the components being used in the current file and swap them out with an updated component.

It’s a bit of an arduous process depending on your scenario, but would work fairly well if you’re upgrading to a v2 library from a v1 or if there is something resembling a 1:1 update.


The whole topic of better organization is addressed here. Very well described. I have had this problem for a long time. Now I have a final library and have to sift through over 18 layouts (Figma files) with countless pages where there are still elements from old libraries. And in particular to prevent them from being copied and pasted back into new layouts

Hi there
i am also face something similar.

But in my case i would like to swap for the project’s own styles and local variables.
How or would you be able to do that in an automatic/faster way?

I currently have a project with multiple old libraries, that we used in the past, but i am not using it anymore, but still shows those libraries.

So, Is there a way to highlight those components in the file that are using certain styles from old libraries that still are running in the project somehow?? even though that you already un-linked it?

Thanks in advance

What I’d like is that when I click on the library panel and select a library (one that I have not added to the file), I’d like to see a list of components from that library used instead of just telling me how many. I’ve come across plugins that list components used but they’re either local or from library without specifying which library.