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Content Editor Role

The Problem:
Collaborating with stakeholders often requires many content updates & iterations (text, image, etc). I think most content writers/stakeholders could easily make these updates but would require editor access, giving them unneeded (& often unwanted) edit permissions.

Suggested Solution:
Provide a Content Editor role in Figma that allows a user to:

  • Update text layers
  • Update image fills
  • Anything else?

Additional features could include:

  • Editor can lock/unlock editability of content per layer
  • Ability to suggest/accept changes (similar to google docs?)
  • Assign content to users for editing?

Any other ideas on how this role could work?


I like this idea. It’s particularly low impact much like a viewer. Could offer the same kind of role to PMs depending on your corporate structure and available resourcing. They aren’t needing to wholesale change layouts, just update and confirm content.

Alternatively, they could need more comprehensive access and thus should just be an editor (for example: setting up external APIs for Google Sheets or JSON-based content or pulling from live databases).

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Yup, the content editorial role is essential for beginner/stakeholder users. Plus, I have to let them know that they have to click enter keypad multiple times to get to the nested text inside the auto layouts which confuses them.

I also have to tell them that they can hold CTRL and click on the text to edit it, but sometimes the move objects by accident because the edit role gives you the full capability to move and edit everything.

Text/content editorial role would be really helpful.

Thank you :smiley:


I think this would really work great now that auto layout is pretty fleshed out.

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A mode where only text and image fills are editable would be very useful for working with non Figma natives :slight_smile:

+10000000 — thinking aloud, Figma could monetize this by charging a nominal ‘content editor’ fee, maybe $3-5/month

In practice — this feature could be/likely is accomplished by people using personal accounts and duplicating files (i.e. Figma is not getting any money for this effort).