Confirm (accidental) deletion of multiple frames

Hello everyone,

I love using Figma but there is one behavior that makes me slightly uneasy and I think there would be a simple fix for it.

Oftentimes, when editing text in a textbox or a comment, I sometimes type cmd + A and press delete.

However, when you are not careful about having the text box (of a text frame or comment) selected or there is a bit of a lag in the UI, you can easily delete everything that’s on the current page by accident. This has happened to me a few times.

In larger files, restoring via cmd + Z can take a long time in large files (I presume it tries to restore the previous state from memory) and incomplete leaving glitches that display the design incorrectly.

Suggestion: if all the frames on the page or a large number of frames (like >100) are selected and deleted, display a dialog “Are you sure?”.

This would greatly help me reduce my paranoia of accidentally deleting months of work and having to use version control to go back. This is particularly problematic when having to restore a version while other collaborators are in the file and need to pause work until it’s recovered.

Please upvote this idea if you agree.

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