Components Set

Hello! In my company we use Figma to fill in templates containing several frames with content we export as images. That content is stored in libraries as components.
Now, when deploying that content, we need to update those frames individually.
It would be great to have a sort of Components Set that would fill in all the frames with components related to each other - maybe grouped in the same frame or page.
Please have a look at this scheme:

Anyone uses Figma in a similar way? Any ideas on how to implement this?
Thank you!

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If I understood correctly, you want to swap all screens between different “component sets” in one click? Instead of going through each component and swapping Button A → Button B, Card A → Card B. If so, then your best friend would be the Swap Library feature and putting each set of components into different libraries.

that sounds, interesting, I’ll try that out. Thank you!

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