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Components frame structure not working

Hi, Figmates. Not sure why my organisational structures is not being reflected in the Assets folder, even though I use frames to structure my components, as Figma suggests.

Here is how the icons are organised in the Library file. Namely I have System icons and Spot icons.

But in the Assets panel, in my design file, the structure is not reflected.

Am I missing something?

Hi! I think what you might be missing is that Figma doesn’t use nested frames to define related components for the assets panel. In the assets panel your components will be organized according to Page Name > Frame Name > Component name but Figma only uses the highest level frame for that and ignores nested frames. So I think what you want to do in this case is use slash naming on your individual components. You might call them System / Icon Name or Spot / Icon Name and that way you should get the structure you’re looking for in the assets panel.

But there is no other frame above the hierarchy, but only groups. So, I‘m thinking it might be the groups that are making a problem.

There clearly is a frame on your screenshot:

That one yes, and afterwords down the hierarchy there is System, and Spot. So I was hoping to get:


But anyway, I restructured the entire components library and now the Icons became not a frame, but a Figma page, and the main frames are System and Spot. Works perfectly. :ok_hand:

Yeah, as mentioned in the previous comment by Brian, everything other than the top-level frame is ignored for the naming structure.

I was disappointed for the same reason as you @Zlat

To my mind haveing multiple page is slowing my workflow because I can’t drag’n’drop
Going in the assets panel is tiring… I miss :gem: Runner a lot

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