Component Properties Problem

Hi, I’ve checked the »Component Properties Playground« file from the community. But it seems like that some functions are missing in my Figma version (Figma Desktop App version 114.4). It starts with the first issue that I’m not able to create a text property after selecting a text in a component. It’s only possible to create a boolean property to show/hide the text.

I’ve also seen that there are some interface changes for variants in the property select as posted on Twitter by Tom Lowry … But there isn’t an option to add a variant in the select menu. Only in the top bar of the window or via CTRL+Click.

Tried several restarts of system/Figma. No luck at all.

I agree. I’m experiencing the same thing! I see all of the properties option - Boolean, Instance swap, Text but no variant. I also don’t see any update in the tutorial section

Could figma team help? Our team can’t create variant now.

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Same problem.

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Took me a minute to find it as well. They moved it up to the top bar. (there have always been component tools up there, but for some of us who just use the sidebar… they may as well have never been there ha)

Hi Niki,

You can create text property in Content


Hi Keni, Thanks!

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