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Complex 3 element component

Hey Figma people!

I am making components with 3 elements. I want it to be responsive, but I come to the problem.

Basically it is a button with structure:
8px margin + ico + 4px margin + text + 8px margin + ico + 8px margin.

1st icon and text, should be always on the left, and 2nd icon should always be on the right. Then there’s this request for Auto layout so the button resizes regarding the text length.

I have managed to create a component, that can be resized, but the text has a fixed size…
I have managed to create a component, that auto resizes regarding the text length, but it cannot be resized by dragging, because the icon that is on the right gets stuck.

Basically, I want a component, that has 2 elements aligned left, 1 aligned to right AND it should resize on drag or text length.

It’s a kinda weird component, but I am having real troubles with this and I would be happy if any of you could help.

Thank you in advance.

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Your question would’ve been much easier to answer if you attached some screenshots. But I think I got it…

This isn’t possible. You either need to specify the width manually (fixed) or allow the content to resize its parent (hug contents). And if you want to align items to left & right you can’t auto-switch between the two.

In my auto layout tips & hacks file you can find an example of such items.

Hey, yes this is exactly what I want. I have managed to do this but I needed both Auto and Manual size in one component. If it is not possible, then I’ll have to choose one. Thank you so much. You have saved tons of wasted time :smiley:

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