Collaborators unable to inspect without Figma account

When I try to share a file with a developer who does not have an account they can only see the frames, can’t click on any elements, can’t inspect, and are prompted to create a Figma account. Even though I purchased a team license in order to be able to share with people who have no account. This is super annoying, I have written to Figma support multiple times and got no response. Can anyone help please?

The paid plans of Figma do not provide the feature of inspecting and exporting without an account because there is no such feature.

Then what does this mean?

I’m specufically talking about inspecting elements

Information published several years ago may be out of date. It’s about this answer.

Currently, you need to have an account to inspect.

I don‘t think it’s just one member, this is just an example, I’ve read it plenty of times everywhere. If that‘s true that’s kind of a deal breaker and I might have to switch back to other tools

Again, this is outdated information.