Can't figure out a way to display my prototype in full screen [Desktop]

So no matter what I did I can’t seem to display my prototype to fit my resolution. there are always those black bars to the sides.
I used Figma’s desktop, which isn’t the same as mine (1920x1080) and yet there’s gotta be a way for it to fill my resolution, after all, it should be responsive…
Zooming in doesn’t help cus it’s always too far or too close and cuts out stuff.
What am I missing? is there a secret button I was blind to to just make it fit my monitor when prototyping?

Google havn’t been much help.

Also tried the ‘‘options’’ key while in prototype and fit to scree/fit width/fill screen won’t help in any way.

Are you checking the prototype writhing Figma? Have you tried opening it on chrome, I always check my proto on chrome, and for some reason to me it stretches better, also is easier for me to swap apps instead of change tabs on figma

Yup, within Figma.
I tried opening it in firefox and didn’t help, also tried all the settings in the app but nope.

Should I try downloading chrome for that only? I just prefer not to use the browser in general but if you say it’s the only way…

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