Can't add children to auto layout container when it's part of a component

I’m trying to set up a really lightweight toolset for making wireframes. One of my needs is a set of columns that I can use to contain child items. I’ve built a component where each variation is a different number of columns (e.g., colcount_2 and so on). The issue I’m having is that when I add an instance of a column set to a frame, I can’t drop any child elements into it. The little blue alignment lines never appear, and Figma seems to think I’m trying to add another element into the parent (like I’m trying to add another column.) I hope this makes sense.

Anyone encountered anything similar? This is my first time going this deep into auto-layout and components, so it’s entirely possible I’m missing something obvious.

Hey @Nick_Jones do you have a screenshot or recording you can share here?

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