Can I use Figma free plan for my monetized app and website?

Hi! I want to learn and use Figma for app/web development and switch to paid plans in the future after I start to earning money. But I have a question. In the Starter free plan, Figma allows us to create and edit 3 Figma projects. Can these projects be used for monetized apps and website while I am in the free plan, or do I need to switch to professional plan for monetized apps/websites? Thank you for the answers.

Figma doesn’t specify about whether or not the projects can be professional projects in the free plan. So I had to ask. By the way I don’t mean freelancing by using the term professional.

Whatever you create is your IP so do whatever you want with it.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, I am not affiliated with Figma in any way.