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Can I move a library and various design files to a different organisation without losing the connections?

I have a client who has asked for a copy of our working files as they would like to use them internally with their organisation plan.
We have created a design system for them and have various design files linked to the libraries with styles and components.

They’ve added me to their teams in their organisation, but when I imported the files not only the designs weren’t connected to the libraries (unsurprisingly) but also the designs didn’t have any text and colour styles applied (so my plan of using Themer isn’t an option anymore), while the components were all linked to the library in the original team (this was a surprise).

Any suggestions on how to hand over the files in the easiest way?

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This might be one of those questions for the
I believe there are some limitations to cross Organization file sharing.

Thank you @Bruno_Figueiredo

I think I found a way around it :slight_smile:
I’m temporarily copying all the design artboards in the Library file, which I can then duplicate, export and import in the client’s account.

A bit cumbersome and not entirely what I was after, but the only way I could find that wouldn’t mean breaking links with styles and components.