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Can I import html files into figma?

Hi, I wanted to know if I can import any html files into figma. If yes how to do it. Any Plugin to install?

How does this plugin work? I didn’t make get it how it works so far. I want to import a an html file offline into Figma, created by myself, is that possible with plugin HTML to Figma?

This extension is a part of this plugin: Figma - Figma to HTML, CSS, React & more! | Convert Figma designs to high quality, responsive HTML, CSS, React, Vue, and more * How does it...! — you should be able to use it to upload your own HTML files.

Any beginner videos that shows how to import a html file to figma using the plugin "FIGMA TO HMTL? Sorry, I could only find one video, a bit helpful that shows how to convert your Figma design to HTML:


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