Can hover instances inherit prototype interactions?

I am trying to keep componentize the universe, and have a hover variant for each component.

(bear with me in this next line)

For prototyping, I have noticed that while modifications to instances of components (like names) are inherited by the hover state, interactions are not.

That means when the user hovers a component the interaction is coming from the component, not the instance.

Is this working as expected?

Hello @Ryan_Feeley, Thank you for getting in touch about prototype interactions!

If you create a prototype connection from a main component and use instances of that component in your designs, the prototyping connections of the instances will be inherited from the main component. Therefore, I believe it’s working as expected that the hover action is coming from the component.

For more details, you can check out here: Add prototype connections to components
Additionally, you might be interested in this article to help keep your components organized for your prototypes: 5 ways to improve your prototyping workflow

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