Bug: when you create a frame (with F tool) masks do not work

Not sure if this is how to report bugs. Please forward to the appropriate channels if you know them.

If I create a frame using the ‘F’ tool masking does not work.

  1. Create Frame with ‘F’ tool
  2. Create rect inside with ‘R’ tool
  3. Create rect outside with ‘R’ tool
  4. Rearange so that the frame is on top with ‘]’
  5. select both frame and rect and mask with ‘^⌘M’

See frame: not masked.

If I create the shapes first and then ‘⌥⌘G’ to create the frame masking works.

existing issue that was similar:

Clip Content creates a mask around the frame so it can’t be masked directly. Either disable clip content in the frame or wrap it in a group so the group is masked, not the frame directly.