Bug: “Open File URL From Clipboard” doesn’t work if page hasn’t been viewed yet

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    Client: Figma Desktop App version 114.6.1 (i.e. latest version)
    OS: macoS Big Sur 11.2.3

i. Copy to the clipboard the link to a design from one of your projects. It should be from a page other than that displayed when you start Figma.
ii. Start Figma
iii. In the menu at the top, click on File > Open File URL From Clipboard: nothing happens
iv. Go to the page (not necessarily the design) that the link points to
v. Click again on File > Open File URL From Clipboard: this time it works. This doesn’t mean that you need to be on the linked page in order for the link to correctly open: indeed, if at the end of step iv you go to a different page, opening the link will still work from there. So it seems what matters is not the page that you’re on when opening the link; rather, what matters is the fact that the page that the link points to has been opened at any point after starting Figma.

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@Figma team (hopefully they read this forum)
Sorry to insist, but I find it hard to believe I’m the only one complaining about this. In my opinion, the ability to open links in the Desktop app is one of the most basic features that should be implemented in such an app, and yet it has been broken for ages (forever?). It’s a hell of a hassle, in a large project, to manually find your way to the design element that your coworker wants you to see.

Is there really no way this can be fixed? If it can’t be done now, is it possible to estimate roughly when this can be put on the roadmap? Or at least to know why this a tricky and/or low-priority issue?

Thanks in advance.

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