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Bringing design and diagramming together

I love the concept of figjam. The easy intuitive diagrams are nice and I can quickly visualize a concept.

I do feel like some features a missing from making it easy for me to fully commit to over other tools.

  • Custom shapes
  • Custom connection points.
  • Wire jumps (yes I like these way too much to let them go)
  • Tables (too many of my notes need more organization)

I am excited to see what is next, and I really want something to replace Lucidcharts in more complex designs. I would be amazed if the ability to do well crafted graphics from Figma could be used as icons/blocks in a diagramming program with custom connection points would make my diagramming experience amazing.

I do a lot of system design so I am connecting components, but I can see how this could be very useful in UI design where you want to associate parts of the graphics to other components or flow.

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