Branching: Locking parts of the File / Branching of Sections

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We use branching with really large files. Often times we are blocked by branches with too many conflicts. Sometimes we even don’t know how changes to some frames could’ve happen in a branch, because it seems completely random. The Master is locked with very few editors already.

In order to handle branching in a large scale, my feature idea would be something into the direction of locking most parts of the file. A good metaphor would be the sheet on a patient during a surgery. We all know the “cutout” where the doctor should focus his work on, while the rest keeps untouched.
In order to get stable, mergable branches, such “cutouts” would come in handy in Figma, focussing on one area, and locking changes to the rest of the file.

Another idea in the same direction is bringing branching to sections. This would also allow to focus changes on just a small part of the file, keeping it maintainable.

Not sure how to realize this, and if this is a thing on code-side as well, nor did I thoroughly think this through, but I am in desperate need for improvements to branching in order to get it work smoother in enterprise level.

Thanks for the read and all the best!

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