Bookmark/Remember Page Work Area

Is there a way to bookmark where you are working in a page when jumping back and forth between various pages in a figma document?

I quite often find myself navigating between pages and end up in random places far away from any of the artwork/design that exists on that page. Just wondering if this is a bug, or if theres a way to remedy this. Currently, I end up having to zoom out as far as possible to locate the designs/artwork on the page → pan to that area → and then zoom way in again and find where I was working. I end up doing this literally dozens of times every hour.

Also wonder if there could be a way to observe someone and then be able to jump back to where you were working similar to the way it works when you view a main component and can then jump back to that instance.

Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks.

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Check this awesome plugin by Microsoft team


Hm, I’m getting a 404 on that link and can’t find the plugin via the community search either. Any idea if that plugin been discontinued or is just temporarily unavailable?

Any sort of bookmark implementation would easily increase my productivity by an order of magnitude — this sounds amazing!

There is no way to know why the plugin was removed. There is a similar one:

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Saved Selections is good but it only allows to save selections within the same page.

If I knew how to code, I would do it. This plugin is for Figma what bookmarks are for the browser.

I was wondering the exact thing!

What I do now is put a comment on the screen, something like ‘you’re here’, then go looking for my other component or screen, and click on the comment in the sidebar to return where I’ve left.

Anyone else any thoughts?