Booking bar disappearing when scrolling

Hello everyone,

I experiencing a similar problem to this one but didn’t manage to edit the constrains.

Basically I would like to have the “booking card” fixed when scrolling down. Like in the Airbnb website (I’m learning how to do different things, this is not for companies of business purpose).

I already put the fix position while scrolling and I read in the other post that I should put constrains from top to bottom but it allows me only to put one or the other. What am I doing wrong? any would very appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Here is my figma file if you want to have a look:


Your link doesn’t work.

But in any case, AirBnb’s card is not fixed. In webdev terms it is called being sticky, and Figma is unable to replicate that behavior.

Sorry for the link not working, but thank you very much for your information! You saved me a lot o time tying to make it work :sweat_smile:

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