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Bad Quality export

Hi all figma community !

I use Figma for school for about 1 year and i have a big problem !
All of my export are in a very very bad quality i can’t use my design, i have search a lot everywhere, i have try everything but nothing change ! What should i do ?

Thank’s to all of you !

sorry for my english

Hi @Roxan_Bavarchi! When exporting, what do your settings look like? Are you exporting at @1x or @2x? The higher you export at, the higher quality would be and might fit better with your expectations

Hi @adamfinley ! I always try to export as a PNG with x4 !

Do the exported images appear as expected on your local machine? Or when you are trying to display the exported assets within another site is where they are distored? (eg. squarespace/dribbble?)

Very good question @adamfinley ! In my local computer i believe the quality is very ok ! its when i upload them on twitter for exemple that the quality is very bad

Can you show screenshots and share the Figma file link?

@Roxan_Bavarchi What probably is happening, since you are exporting from Figma @4x, Twitter, or any other place you are uploading, is compressing the image down due to the very large file size. Try reducing the export to @2x and see what happens when you upload again.

Ok thanks ! ill try again !

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