Auto layout minimum padding

I want the left & right padding I set in an auto layout frame to work as minimum padding, meaning when I resize the component (a button) horizontally, it would keep this padding intact no matter what. Currently this doesn’t happen and the text imposes on the area that is meant to be padding. Am I missing something here, is there a way around this?

If your text frame is set to vertically expand, it shouldn’t overlap the padded area.

Please can you or someone else explain how to achieve this? Thanks.

I think I can help you if you can take a screen shot of/better describe the thing you’re trying to achieve. After reading your original post, I’m not sure what you’re hoping to happen to the text as it resizes, e.g. truncated vs. go to multiple lines.

My guess is that you want the text to vertically expand as it resizes, so I’ve selected the middle icon for resizing properties in the right panel (the icon between the two-sided arrow and the square).