Audio recording for figma files

Hi! After today´s discution with my dev team, they said that in handoffs sometimes can be too much text and speficications to read, and sometimes it gets boring or they are tired or even don´t see whats in the text.

The most effective way of doing handoff of course is specifing everything that is essencial, but when you´re doing handoff person to person, it gets easier to translate the idea of the project.

So i thought that maybe a feature of audio recording would be beneficial, especially in the feature that already exists, in comments. Can help PMs transmit they´re questions of the project faster, and can help designers to communicate in more ways and effective ways, and even different kind of coummunications

Hi @Joao_Pedro_Ramos, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on audio recording in Comments! I can see how convenient it would be for handoffs.
We think this idea could benefit other community members as well, so we would love to hear their reactions too!

Please don’t forget to vote for your idea! We always value your feedback :blush: