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Artboards in FigJam!

We can’t group our post-its easily because there’s no artboards in FigJam. Our workaround has been to use shapes as the artboard, but its difficult to select a few post-its as it will move the frame too. We think having artboards and frames will solve this issue.

Does anyone else experience this? Do you guys think artboards would help?


It would be great to be able to create frames and share link to specific frame in Figjam.


100% agree with this. I’ve also been using shapes as a workaround but I constantly have to highlight the entire area to move it elsewhere, whereas with a frame I can just click and drag.

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+1. Using frames for presentation, like Miro does, would be very useful too.

+1 million to this

I can’t believe this wasn’t the very first feature. Please add!