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Are guests charged?

FigJam will be free for the rest of 2021. After the free period, guest access will work the same way as it does for Figma. Please note that FigJam will require separate licenses from Figma.

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Does this mean that only organization plans can add guest editors? So there aren’t any plans to allow free guest editors like in other options such as Miro in the future?

yeah this is really surprising. I personally don’t see the value of using FigJam over InVision or Miro’s whiteboard products. Sure it’s easier to keep it on the same platform, but if I need 6 people to quickly review a concept - am I going to have to pay for 6 editor licenses? If that’s the case, I’d stick with the former.


I am in the organisation plan and I don’t see a guest editor option. As designers we run design thinking activities with representatives of the business and customers. Normal co-design practice really. Are we expected to pay $15/month for every person that at one time joins one of these sessions? If so, I can’t see how we can choose Figjam over Miro either. I’d prefer if the pricing was positioned to extend beyond the UI team into the rest of the business. Not all designers work in big design teams in product companies. Many if not most designers work in very small teams collaborating with many other people in the business. I suggest each org plan shoud come with at least some guest editor seats


Having no guest editors honestly kills this for a whole lot of folks. We have the org plan and do have clients and other non-org folks (like customers, end users, study participants etc.) with whom we run participatory design and co-creation workshops. If there is no easy option for having them “join in the fun” we will forget about FigJam from the get go and use Miro, Mural, heck, even Google Jamboard for running those sessions and all of the other stuff we do internally also because adding one more tool that you have to pay for (well, after 2021) with the same subscription model as Figma into our arsenal, and also one that you can’t really use outside of your org effectively… well, that just is not an option.


I appreciate that this is free for the time being so we can try it out, but I can’t help but feel it’s also partially a trap to establish a user base where it’s difficult to back out once the billing date starts.

When the billing date nears, will we be given reminders/easy ways to remove unwanted editors to avoid automatically incurring unexpected costs? I think there’s a lot of potential danger in this area.


We use digital whiteboards explicitly to collaborate with members outside the design team (or in most cases the single designer responsible for a project) or clients. The only value in FigJam would be to have everything on the same platform. No guest editors is a deal-breaker!


That’s disappointing. If this is a competitor with Mural/Miro, we need the ability to have guests add cards to the board without additional charges. This is a tool for digital whiteboarding exercises with stakeholders. Having View only access removes the flexibility needed to make this work long term.

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Is it possible to receive a overview of the guest editors per month?

The billing issues here really kill this as a useful product, especially given that most people will already have a process using other apps. Sure, having it all in one place is useful, but its not a deal breaker most of the time.

Shame, as I was excited by this at first and was hoping to move everything over to FigJam, but now will most likely just forget it exists. First wrong move I have seen Figma make.

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