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Apple Silicon (M1) support for Mac desktop app


I was curious if there are plans to support Apple Silicon for mac desktop app. Thanks!


I was thinking of making a post about this as well. It shouldn’t be too much trouble since Electron has been translated

What i read figma is based on chrome/webkit. Chrome is optimized for Apple Silicon since last year.

When can we expect Figma for Apple Silicon?

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I want figma application support mac M1 :grinning:


Yeah Electron is built partially on chromium and its been updated for apple silicon. so hopefully it should be ready soon

Have they confirmed they’re working on it? I can’t wait!

I would also like to add my voice to this, especially since Apple seems to be removing Rosetta 2 in some regions as of the next macOS update.

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Since Figma is also based on Webkit, it should be possible to compile on Apple Silicon without any problems, practically with one click.

Even Adobe can do this with Photoshop.

It’s not like Apple Silicon has been around since summer 2020… so go Figma.

I’m not concern but just in case Unite 4 is in the bundlehunt offer

I’m in the process of buying a new laptop and considering M1. Is there any official info on future releases? Could help me make an informed decision.

Hey, just FYI - I’m using Figma in Chrome browser on MacBook Air M1 - works like a charm! No issues so far. So I do not need Apple Silicon support from Figma, it’s just be nice to have.

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And while I’m here - I totally vote for buying M1, it is truly revolutionary piece of engineering. I used almost every Mac notebook for 10+ years, and M1 is incredible.

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I wrote for Figma support, and they answered the following:
“Hi, there! No concrete date just yet, but sometime soon — we just need to update to a version of Electron that has been optimized. Thanks for your patience in the interim!”

Right now I use Figma in Chrome, but the font helper not working properly. Sometimes it loads my desktop fonts, sometimes it doesn’t. So I really like to see an M1 optimized version of the desktop app.

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Any news on this? I would love to stop using the Rosetta version of Figma and go native!

Is Figma working on a native app? I’m using the current desktop wrapper app on my M1 and i have no issues.

I’m also waiting for this - I appreciate I can use Chrome, but it feels like an M1 app should be a very high priority here, not having it native just looks really bad vs stuff like Sketch

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While Figma is basically web-based – you already have it natively in the browser. Figma app is just a browser wrapped into an app.

Yes, I know that :wink: But they’ve created an app for a reason - because it offers a better experience in many ways.

@Figma Team is too lazy. It has been 5 months, and they are still not able to ship app that supports Apple Silicon.


Or distracted by all the stuff they’re releasing around Config.

After hearing about how Rosetta 2 uses so much swap memory—eating away the M1’s SSD lifespan so rapidly—I know I’m reluctant to be running the Figma app on it, which I’d be doing every day.

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