Anyone else experiencing a whole barrage of issues since new update?

Since the new update, it feels like I’ve been losing my mind. I haven’t seen much else about some of the problems I’ve been experiencing so I’ll post a batch of them and maybe others can validate if they experience them too. I have a lot of work to do so I can’t really make a detailed case for each to send to Figma. Maybe we can crowdsource these here.

Reoccurring issues:

  1. Random artifacts in presentation mode: Elements and text will be warped or wiggle around despite being in the exact same spot page to page. I’ll have black lines go across some screens


  1. Fonts keep getting disconnected: Fonts I use nearly everyday will have to be reconnected to themselves, this has happened about 3 times now

  2. Connections in prototypes keep disappearing on their own: I’ll wire up a prototype, test it out, then come back later to find half of the connections are gone. I’ll rewire it again only for this to reoccur.

  3. Component colors won’t change/update: I’ll swap out a primary button for a secondary, use a variant, or make an update in our component library and the text and/or fill color won’t update.

  4. Layout grids keep randomly being added to all the screens in a project This one is pretty self explanatory. I’ll come into a page and all of a sudden everything has a layout grid. Sometimes its a red 4 column, sometimes its a grey 8 column.

  5. Interactive Variants don’t work: It wont let me use an element that has interactive variants to trigger a page. If I remove the connection to the variant interaction, I can now trigger page changes but it’ll activate other instances of that component on the page. So if I click a list item, the list items below it will change to a selected state.

I have been running into prototype issues as well. Some of my overlays have shifted placement even though I haven’t modified those designs for a few days.

When I select a color, it doesn’t change - so I have to re-select the color.

In prototype mode, some of my lines won’t show up at all (rare occurrence), but that’s honestly been an issue I’ve noticed for the past year.

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