Animation Effects on Prototype Level vs Real Website Development

Hey everyone!

I had an interesting chat with a colleague (my developer) about adding animation effects to Figma prototypes. We mainly discussed about the flow of work, for example when working for client’s website, when we should apply animation effect. I have no objections on having micro animations like hover effect on buttons, blog cards, clicking to go to the other screens etc. Since in my opinion, we should use Figma to get clarity on the flow/UX first before we focus on the aesthetics.

Yes, using animation effects in Figma prototypes can add an extra layer of interactivity and realism to your designs. But I have a few doubts in mind, because applying complex animation on Figma can be very time-consuming, and the translation to the final product might differ across platforms or when handed off to developers.

Any insights on the pros and cons of incorporating animations at the prototype level? Or any experience to share? Would love to hear your thoughts! :rocket:

Thank you.

Hey there, thanks for sharing your thoughts! We’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts about this!