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Anchor Comments While You Continue to Edit Your Designs

  1. Problem: At our agency, we are using Figma to work collaboratively with our clients. We open files to them at specific moments during the design process in order for them to leave great amounts of feedback as comments. Some of these comments are about changing a bunch of values (e.g. transaction prices from a banking app). It should be easy to change them, but every time you want to change a value based on a specific comment, you have to close comment mode, so you have to go back and forth to comment mode to see the feedback.

  2. Idea: it would be great to pin the file’s comments to the window or as a floating pane while you are not on comment mode.

  3. Goal: improve workflow and productivity.

  4. I know you could have two windows of the same file open, one with the comments active and the other one to edit, but you’d still have to go back and forth between tabs. If you have two screens, then that’s no problem, but I think this idea could bring value our workflows.
    What do you think?

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