Always show hex AND HSB/HSL/RGB/CSS

Hex values are useful for copying and pasting. But they’re the least useful for editing colors in a structured way. What I love about webflow is that the color picker always shows two values.


I would love if figma did this as well, at least when you expand the color panel. Here’s a quick mockup of what it could look like:

An example use of this would be if I wanted to bulk change the hue or lightness of colors, and then copy that value to use for other layers. I can change the lightness/brightness using HSL/HSB, but then I can use hex to copy that specific color to use elsewhere in my project. Right now, I have to switch between panels often to make that happen. Whereas in webflow, I have both ready to go at all times.

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Agreed. frustrating to always switch between the two! If they did this I’d probably always have HEX and HSL and never even touch the dropdowns

Yes! Especially with the eyedropper. I want to see more than 1 set of numbers while I’m using it.

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