Allow to mark nested elements "Ready for dev"

Hi Celine- Are there any plans to remove this constraint? We have container frames with a handful of separate screen specs in them and would like to designate certain screens as ready, but not the entire set. It’d be great to not have to have the frame or instance top-level, but allow nesting and still mark contained elements ‘ready for dev’. Thanks!

Thanks again for the feedback, @Arlo_Jamrog!

This isn’t on our immediate roadmap, but we hear you. I’m sure there are others in the community that would want to be able to mark nested sections or frames “Ready for dev” as well.

We’ll pass this onto our Dev mode team for consideration and use votes to gauge overall interest from the community.

As a PO I have the need to reference on single components/groups/frames to specify jira tickets for the developers. Therefore it would be helpful to set components/groups/frames to “ready for dev” & link them to the jira tickets separately.