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Align selection to parent by holding down keyboard shortcut

Sometimes when you select a group of objects you want to align the group to the parent, rather than the individual objects in your selection. Currently, you can get around this by temporarily creating a group, aligning it and then ungrouping the objects.

It would be more convenient though if you could hold down a keyboard shortcut though. My suggestion would be cmd/ctrl.

Here are examples of aligning two objects.

First, an example of what happens when you align a selection.

And the second is an example of a workaround for aligning the selection to a parent.

It would be great if you could achieve the above just by holding down cmd/ctrl while clicking the alignment you want.

How do others feel? Is this something you think you would use?

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Similar to this I would LOVE to have a keyboard shortcut to align multiple objects (in different frames) to their respective parent frames instead of each other.

For example sometimes I have multiple identical components (not literally figma components, more like frames with child objects) where I want to select the same child object in each component/frame and align them horizontally and vertically centered to their respective parent frame.

A key command for this would be amazing! So in addition to the alt + h maybe it’s cmd + alt + h or something.

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