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Adjusting grid snap tolerance like Affinity Designer

Here is how the snap works in Affinity Designer: :smiley: :point_down:

Here is how the snap to grid works in Figma: :sweat: :point_down:

As you can see the points does not get highlighted and you can’t adjust the tolerance like the way you do in Affinity Designer: :point_down:

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As a fairly new user, I agree. Snapping is pretty inconsistent from my experience so far and too many times it becomes frustrating to work with. Right now I have a textbox that refuses to snap against the border of a frame.

Not too bad of an issue in itself but it keeps adding up :confused:

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@YannisWS Yes I agree, my experiencing of snapping with Figma is inconsistent. Sometimes it becomes frustrating when I try to pixel perfect align things. Hopefully they add snapping tolerance feature