Add zoom interaction in prototype

I’m making a prototype of a virtual whiteboard-type product, kind of like figjam. I have used overflow horizontal and vertical scrolling to allow users to move around the prototype, while fixing some ui elements in place. It would be nice to also allow them to zoom in and out on the frame which has overflow scrolling, also while keeping the other elements fixed. I imagine this would also be useful for thing like google maps, uber, etc. Maybe I’m missing it?

I want to do the same!

I’m making a big infographic as a timeline and I want to embed it as it is on the website, on the whole page (so as not to spend money on the front-end developer). But if I embed the file, then the links (not clickable) don’t work there, and if I embed the prototype, it’s impossible to change the zoom there.

Let me know if you find a solution. Twitter or telegram @stepahin

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