Add Tag feature to selected items

I would like a feature to Tag a group of selected items. This would be supper beneficial when developing plugins; as it communicates what the design intention is for those collection of items.

eg. A button can be designed using a frame and a text in figma. I can select these two items and tag them button. Then when I parse the figma.current.selection items I want to get the tag as follows.

The plugin I am working on attempts to generate OS/Web native components based on design. So for example if user is using MatrialUI in there react web app the plugin will generate for that selection above using the tag ‘button’.

If this is something I can create a branch for in github let me know.

I’m pretty sure what you are looking for is setting/reading plugin data: setPluginData · Figma Developers — you can set any data you want to any elements you want and then read or change it whenever you want.

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