Add Search to Comments

When there’re more than 100 items / comments in the Comments List on the right side of the screen, and each Comment has maybe more than 8 replies, it took me long time to go back and find some specific comments. I want to have a search bar on the top of the comments sidebar and find the information more efficient. Thanks!


I wish I could hit the like on this 100x more.


I need to find an old comment. Adding search to the comments will help quickly find the item.

Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?


Oh please please add this! I got a bunch of documents and it’s very difficult to manage documents without search. Would also help to have tagging (custom or forced) to be able to assign it to different “todos”

Having comments without search is nightmare !

I back this up 100%!!! Also, being able to filter comments by user would be amazing.

Having comments without search is nightmare ! +1 to this one!!!

How about adding sort and filter options as well? For example:

  • sort comments by their number (ascending and descending)
  • sort comments by date (newest to oldest)

I noticed that comments are sorted by date by default, but when you start adding replies to comments, it becomes hard to keep track of them.

  • filter comments by original commenter (example: I only need to see comments left by a specific stakeholder)
  • filter comments by page (example: If I’m working on page X, I don’t need to see comments from other pages)
  • filter comments by a frame on a page (same as above)
  • filter comments that haven’t been replied to (example: so that I can find comments I haven’t responded to yet, and take action on them)
  • filter comments that I was tagged in (same as above, I want to take action on comments that I was mentioned in)

Our Figma files typically have 100+ comments. Atm, it’s extremely hard to navigate long laundry lists of comments.


Yeah, that would be a brilliant feature

And add “Sort by: user” is a must I guess

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  1. In the comment section, we need to add a search box to search comments number that option will improve the product UX experience

Could we search by comment number? If I’m told to look at comment #102, I would like search “#102” and find it instantly.


Great suggestion! Search comment via comment number :+1:

I second you.
Figma should add this feature too.

There is now a search box in comments.

Hey there,
We did a tool for managing Figma comments from multiple files, also you can search between comments, everything in one place:

I hope you find this useful :slight_smile: and please feel free to give me feedback, I really appreciate that.