Absolute Position with Horizontal Fill

The topic I am after was closed Absolute Positioning: Fill Horizontally. Starting a new thread in hopes something has changed.

I have an input field component that I have a dropdown on, it’s placed with absolute position. The component needs to be responsive; the input itself resizes but the dropdown does not. The “fill container” option is removed from the dropdown when absolute positioning is applied to it.
Image below.

@Barnes_Alison_M When you set the dropdown to absolute positioning you should be able to adjust the width using constraints: “left and right”.

But you could also achieve the same responsiveness for the dropdown by just using auto-layout (fill-container) vs having it set to absolute positioning (see example file below).

Get Example File

You are a lifesaver! This is a HUGE help. The team of designers using the design system I try to help out on will be blown away.
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Thank you so much :smiley:

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