Absolute Positioning: Fill Horizontally

Some really exciting releases following Config, great work!

Little-big-detail regarding the absolute positioning feature. It would be great to have the fill width option for absolutely positioned elements (like an absolute element with a relative parent would be able to do in CSS).

Would love to use the new absolute positioning in my dropdowns but this is hindering that.

Many thanks!

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Agree, I have a similar case where I want an absolutely positioned component to fill up the background both horisontally and vertically.

Hey folks! Have you considered setting (Top/Left/Bottom/Right) constraints on the Absolute position component? Remember that resizing needs to be “Fixed” for this to work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this only works if your background isn’t a component of its own. I made a demo file to report the bug earlier today. Here’s hoping this gets fixed soon. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Ohh good catch. Thanks for the test file – We’ll look into this!

@Oscar_Nilsson For my case that works perfectly. Feeling silly that I didn’t think of that but thanks for the quick response!


This is a long awaited feature but we can’t use due this bug. We’re eagerly waiting to the fix. Thanks.

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