Ability to snap to rulers or layouts

There doesn’t seem to be a way to enable snapping to rulers or layouts (eg: columns). The only thing you can enable snapping to, is grids. Personally I more commonly use layout columns and rulers, than grids. Also, if you can’t snap to a ruler or layout, then there’s not much point in having them as surely when you do use these features, the main purpose will be align objects to them? But without snapping, it’s not that easy to align objects to them.

Works fine on my end. Except the thing I can’t snap to is grids. Which I still think is the expected behavior.

Could you share a recording maybe so it would be easier to see what’s wrong?
And just to be sure, have you checked your snapping settings?

Hi, the snapping settings are below:


I can’t share a video, but I’ve found it may be for variants, within a component.

Snapping should function regardless of what objects you drag.
This is not a feature that is missing in Figma, you’ve seem to have encountered a bug.
Are you running in browser or desktop app?
Either way you should file a bug report.

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Thanks, it’s the desktop app, on Mac.

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