Ability to "favorite" files within a project

As a non-designer who uses Figma for design reference/page building, I often refer to the same files within a project over and over. It would be really helpful to be able to ‘favorite’ files within a project for quick access, rather than always searching for a file.

Do other non-designers run into this problem? Would you find such a feature useful? What workarounds could be used?


This should be high priority. Many people work on multiple projects and files at the same time (I’m one.
Trying to find something you lightly touched two weeks ago when engineering requested a small change, is really difficult.

I’ve taken to writing down each Project > File > Page combination to try and track this but being able to Favorite a document will be a godsend.


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I would love the ability to favorite or save files. I work across different teams and projects, and often I just want to keep something to reference or pull from, that does not live in the project I directly work in. It’s so hard to find and remember where files are once you close them. We have have over 90 Figma teams, each with many projects, and within those many files—thousands of files overall.


As a developer, I too would love this feature. To be able to favorite files and have those files show up in a directory for quick access. Or potentially “pinning” projects/designs to a customizable board somewhere for quick access.

This would allow the design to still keep it’s versions while developers can keep the link to access the most up-to-date version of the Figma file.