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🛠 30+ Editor Quality Updates

We know subtle changes can have a big impact on your flow. Here’s 30 features, improvements, and fixes we launched to the editor. Check out the Community file to see them in action.

  • We redesigned the stroke panel for easier customization of vector objects
  • You can now use math operations to adjust properties with a mixed value
  • Copy as PNG is now available in the browser (it was previously only available in the desktop app)
  • You can now hold ⌘/Ctrl while resizing an image to crop it immediately
  • We’ve made some improvements to text exporting:
  • We’ve added an “include bounding box” export setting in the Editor, and corresponding use_absolute_bounds setting in the Plugin API
  • “Contents only” export is now called “Ignore overlapping layers”
  • You can now select stroke properties before using the pencil tool
  • The pen and pencil tools remember stroke settings for future use
  • We’ve redesigned the hand tool to be less intrusive
  • Preferences are now automatically synced across all tabs you have opened
  • A second fill added to an object is now a solid fill color, rather than a gradient
  • You no longer need to click on adjustment sliders to start using them
  • You can now close the “Move to project” dialog box by clicking outside of it or pressing Esc
  • Copying and pasting text with a missing font now activates the global A? missing font icon
  • When you copy stickies from FigJam to other places as text, the text copied is sorted to match the layout in FigJam
  • The missing font dialog now shows affected layers
  • We increased the hit target size for the top menu entry point
  • You can now open selected links using middle-click
  • Our repositioning buttons (like Align To Top) are now active even when you edit text
  • You can now pan over links without being interrupted when you encounter link pop-ups
  • We’ve adjusted the size of the selected text background when renaming a file
  • Figma no longer ignores when you paste an image while text editing. Now, it exits text editing and pastes it
  • Icons in the Layers panel now reflect what objects they represent faster
  • We added the “+” option for text nodes with mixed styles, allowing you to override them with a new style or color easily
  • When a user zooms using “Z”, we no longer show the selection rectangle to other people in the file
  • Scrubbing fields by holding ⌥ and moving your mouse now works in Safari
  • We added a hover state for frame presets
  • We fixed how drag handles display on grid property rows
  • Right click menu doesn’t dismiss so eagerly on Safari
  • When you create a new ruler, it will now be automatically selected, so you can nudge it with your keyboard or delete it
  • We resolved an issue with opening the toolbar dropdown in View Only mode
  • We’ve made the layers panel scroll to find the selected layer when using selection keyboard shortcuts

View the updates in GIF form on twitter here.

  • You can now use math operations to adjust properties with a mixed value

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Loving these!

Would be great if the stroke panel could be extended in a future release to work like CSS border properties – e.g. select which side of the box you want to apply the stroke to.

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Hi @Tabitha_Silva. You can vote to add this feature here: Partial CSS border support (independent borders for sides)

Thanks, god of design !
:partying_face: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap: :pray: :pray:

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  • The pen and pencil tools remember stroke settings for future use

I really appreciate this improvement, but it’s made me greedy… I’d love it if shapes worked that way as well, so the fill and stroke were remembered for future use. Any possibility of that?