Working on a file in other account

I have a small but important question. I started as a designer on a design project for a client that already has a Figma account. They shared a file on their account with me (which I access through my Figma account). This of course means I cannot put it into any of my folders, it’s just a file shared with me. I can ask access to the client’s account so we all work on the same account (which seems most logical), but was just wondering what the implications would be if I kept working on mine:

  • I already have a few files of this client on my account which I would like to keep there, and I want to just keep working ahead there
  • I have a design system in place that the client uses and I don’t want to transfer it to another account (which is not necessary but it would be ‘cleaner’)
  • If the client chooses to close me off I have no more access to any of these files.

I guess I’m looking for the most efficient way of working here, and if I’d choose to keep working on my account, are there any things I should keep in mind?

Hi there,

Thank you for your post! It’s probably difficult to pinpoint a single best practice. I believe this FigJam file could serve as an excellent reference for digital agencies considering their file organization strategies: I’m also eager to hear insights and experiences from other community members on this topic!