Work disappeared / History looks empty

All page content disappeared just in one second when I was working on. is it possible to restore somehow if the version history looks empty? I found the case that says that the cause can be in “that the memory of this file was exceeded and all buttons and commands on the page, including version history, did not respond”.

I couldn’t to restore just by using “restore from version”

Thanks in advance!

Hi Victoria54,
Sorry to hear you’re having trouble to restore your file! To cover some basics, could you make sure you follow the exact instructions mentioned in this article (how to revert to a past version of the file) here:

If this still doesn’t help, it would be great to see the file directly in order to assist you with this issue. Please reach out directly to the support team with the file URL and add to this file as an editor (this won’t affect your billing at all) here:
Please also indicate in the form, when approximately was the last time you saw the missing content in the file and what specific content is missing (is it the whole page, certain elements, etc). Thank you!

Hi Celine_Doan,
I found my work. Not sure, what exactly helped, restore or reinstall desktop app, but it’s ok now. Thanks for your help!

Ahh, glad you found a fix! Thank you for letting me know. If you are still having issues later, please let us know :slightly_smiling_face: