Why Figma language is limited to english and chinese?

I see that macOS Figma App has iproj files for multi language but these files seems to be unused to allow user to change language !
Contents → Frameworks → Electron Framework framework → Versions → A → Ressources → fr.iproj

Also the only proposed alternative is to use chrome browser and it extension gg translate , but this one can be intrusive !
I use only safari .

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Figma currently supports English and Japanese . In the meantime, you can use Google’s Chrome browser and its machine translation to translate Figma into more languages. More information in our Help Center article: here. Hope this helps!

Hi Celine. Thanks.
I don’t want to use Chrome extension.
I can’t understand why a tool like Figma with over than 3 million users each month isn’t already translated.

It would be so much more profitable for everyone if Figma offered a translation, and who knows, you’d attract even more users?
Why not ask your users to help with the translation by making the original file available en_US ?

Do you have an approximate date when you plan to translate it … in French?

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, not at this moment, but I’d happy to share and give some visibility your feedback to our team for consideration!

In the meantime, do not also forget to vote up your idea (next to the title’s topic). Thank you!