What will happen to designs made with paid tools after downgrading Professional Plan to Free plan?

I wanted to test conditional prototyping + multi-mode for variables. I was thinking that if I downgrade my plan after a while, what will happen to these prototypes or modes? The case is I’m not sure if my team which I’m working with will continue paying for the professional plan or not. And I don’t want to get too dependent on these tools. Is there any help link to explain the process clearly? I didn’t find anything useful.

here are my questions:

  • If I use multi-action + conditional prototype, will they work even after downgrade? (am I still able to view them or not?)
  • If I create multi modes for my variable collections, would they still be usable or do they get locked? if they get locked, what will happen to styles that are connected to the modes? do they get detached?
  • If I create more than 3 pages, after downgrade, would they still be visible, or they get locked?

I would appreciate any explanation.

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Hey @Armin_Rouhanian, sorry for the delayed reply!

When you cancel or downgrade your plan, you can still access your files and projects for the remainder of that billing period. At the end of your billing period, Figma will downgrade your team to a free Starter team. If you have more than one project, Figma will lock your team, which will prevent you from editing your files.

Access to all resources is locked, so you cannot view them; though nothing is actually deleted/removed. In order to resolve this, you will need to reduce file/project count or re-upgrade to professional plan. Please feel free to manage and remove extra projects, download copies of your account invoices, or move files to another team or into your drafts before downgrading.

More info here:
Cancel or downgrade professional plan
Move files and projects