What is more heavy: a component or a frame?

My question is related mostly to a table.

I’m designing software with many tables. I have components with variants for each cell of the table and in this way, it’s easy to have the same cells in many tables but my question is different.

Once I created a table for example for orders and I need to have them in multiple screens is it better that I wrap the entire table in a component or not?

I know that I have many pros to have a component but my question is more related to the heavyness.

This table has a different heavy if it’s a multiple component or it’s a multiple frames.

Which is the best practice that you follow for tables?

It’s the same. But in the case you are describing it seems like it would indeed be more convenient as a component.

If it is the same, yes it’s better to have a component in this case because it’s the same table in multiple screen probably because I need to show another feature on that screens. Nice to know