Video sound is not playing or interrupted in Figma Mirror

Hi everyone,

I am building a prototype for an app that contains a kind of reel-feed. I am super happy, that I am now able to use videos for Prototypes ( :tada: ) but unfortunately in my Figma Mirror app the sound is not playing.

Does anyone have an idea to fix this? Make videos smaller? User other way to display?

The prototype needs to work on a phone. I feel like it plays a little bit smoother in the browser, but there’s still no sound and the search bar messes up the dimensions.

I would be very grateful for any ideas and advice.

Looking forward to hearing from y’all.

Best regards from Germany

Hey Henriette, this sounds like it could possibly be a bug, and I’d like our support team to investigate. Please send a copy of the file here. Sorry for any disruption to your work!

Liebe Grüße!


Having the same problem @Henriette_Hellweg

In my case the video is on an overlay, and I noticed that if I close the overlay and reopen it the video continues (where it left off) with sound!

I’m going to investigate saving the video (and its sound) in different formats, bit rates, etc… if I give a solution I’ll report back.

Good luck!


I’m having the same issue. Haven’t found a solution yet

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Having the same issue. Running Figma on macOS and iOS for mirror view. Video is not playing and not showing at all.

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Having the same issue as well/

I’m having the same problem. Does anyone have figured out a way to solve this? Thanks a lot!

I have solved this… but only when it’s only 1 component deep (no nesting).

I have a 2 instances of a [1] component. state1 is an icon, when “mouse enter”, I make it change to state2 (check reset video/component). State2 has a video (audio) that autoplays (no repeat). Now make state2 have a mouseLeave that points back to state1 (instant).

Having animations can be a hassle; although, I figured this out as well.

Same as above… except, make this a blank (I made state1 red, state2 green). State2 is where I put the audio/video [see instructions above]. This is literally an audio trigger (not concerned with visuals). I then take this and put it underneath an animation sequence… so AnimationState1, animates into AnimationState2… the audio trigger component goes directly underneath this component. I then make opacity 0.01% so it’s hidden but still triggers (use layers to select again).

I’ve tested and it restarts each time.

If I then take this an put it into another component… say a list of these, the audio doesn’t reset, it picks up where it left off. So nesting, is a no go.